6 talks to watch this Moon Day

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thinkstock_71569959On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. Moon Day is held every July 20 to commemorate this momentous feat. 43 years later, humanity is still looking to the sky, mesmerized by lunar bodies. However, it is not just Earth’s moon we’re studying anymore. With better satellites and spacecrafts we know more about the moons of distant planets than ever before.

To celebrate Moon Day, catch up on the latest in lunar exploration and space travel. The ideas worth sharing here are the first steps in the next giant leap for mankind.

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Bill Stone: The caves and the moon
In his TED2007 talk, Bill Stone discusses his efforts to study Jupiter’s moon Europa, with technology inspired by his experience exploring Earth’s deepest caverns.
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Carolyn Porco: Could a Saturn moon harbor life?
Life on a moon? As Carolyn Porco reveals…

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